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Voice Assistant


Voice-first is trending at the moment with some experts predicting that voice assistants, as they mature, will supplant keyboards and touch screens as the primary way customers interact with devices.


Oban has adopted Amazon's voice assistant Alexa amongst other digital assistants.  Their digital assistant has been localised for Australia with a local accent and knowledge.

Voice assistants will offer all things relevant to member superannuation accounts, for example:

  • What is my account balance
  • When was my last employer payment received
  • How much super did my employer pay me last year
  • How much am I insured for
  • I'd like to increase my insurance by $50,000
  • I'd like to buy $10,000 worth of BHP shares

Oban will also use Voice Recognition technology which uses distinctive voice characteristics to verify the member's identity.  This will simplify the identification process since the member will no longer be required to remember their member number and password.

The intention is also to extend the voice assistant to interact the Oban's Management Console.  For example, 'show me the SuperStream Gateway dashboard'.