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Oban provides a solution for the reliable and secure transport of messages of any type.

Enterprise Service Bus


The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) provides the necessary functionality to reliably connect the Message Handlers with their respective Adapters.


The Message Handlers face the outside world, communicating with their B2B counterparts across the Internet.  Inbound messages are passed via the ESB to the internal Adapters, which then link to the associated internal Registries, mapping the data content into the appropriate data structures for those Registries.  This architectural style permits the separation of duties across a distributed cluster, where each Adapter is specific to its function, an independent executable unit of work, but reliably linked via the ESB to the Message Handlers.


The ESB also facilitates reliable connection to additional resources, such as, specialised Adapters for Enterprise Workflow Engines (e.g. TIBCO), CRM Systems (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics), Document Management (e.g. SharePoint), Contact Centre and other enterprise resources. 


Features includes:

  • Fully managed high availability Enterprise Service Bus
  • Support for leading Foundation Messaging Technologies provided by Microsoft, IBM, TIBCO and open source varieties
  • Distributed Queue based Messaging across Virtual Machines
  • Robust reliable Messaging