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Single Touch Payroll


Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a Government initiative to streamline business reporting obligations.  Employers will be required to report salary, PAYG and super information to the ATO at the time they pay their employees.  This solution leverages Oban's existing SBR2 infrastructure.


Oban's SBR2 Gateway is able to pass the STP message from the Employer to the ATO and also retrieve any response message from the ATO.  To create this secure pipeline between the Employer and the ATO we deploy our 'Oban Key' to the Employer/Payroll Provider.  This is a windows service that includes most of the capability of our AS4 Gateway (e.g. secure transport, reliability, non-repudiation, private/public key encryption, message compression) but in a very small footprint.


All the Employer/Payroll Provider needs to do is drop the STP XML document into a pre-configured folder and the 'Oban Key' will do the rest.  This is an automated end-to-end messaging solution that does not require any manual portal intervention.  Because STP is an asynchronous operation (i.e. there is a lag between the response and the originating STP message), this is the recommended method.  However, for those customers that want to manage this lag themselves, Oban also provides an API solution.