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Payments Gateway


Built to handle the money side of SuperStream messaging, the Payments Gateway enables real-time matching of money and data by leveraging the New Payments Platform (NPP) and the use of Digital Currency.  Importantly, the gateway eliminates the substantial lag that currently exists with this matching process.


Oban's Payments Gateway encompasses the following payment methodologies:

  • The banking system interchange method which uses the AS2 messaging standard for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Direct Debit Authority (DDA), effectively overnight processes  
  • With the banking industry's move to the New Payments Platform (NPP), Oban has developed the necessary APIs for real-time payments, including PayID Payments, Real-Time Notifications (RTN), and PayTo (real-time direct debit)
  • API access to the world of Stablecoin (i.e. Digital Currency)


The Payments Gateway will provide both an AS2 message-based (EFT), and an API-based (NPP/Digital Currency) solution to the Superannuation industry.  As the industry moves to API based solutions, the Payments Gateway will move Bank Statements and Payments from overnight batch jobs to event-driven real-time processing.