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Management Console


To manage all facets of the Messaging Platform a Management Console is provided.


The console is web based and includes the following functionality:

  • Messaging Metadata & Payload Data surfaced for searching and viewing messages
  • Message Tracing data for Diagnostic purposes
  • Summary Health Dashboard
  • Summary Performance Dashboard utilising performance counters implemented throughout the platform
  • Message Queue Pulse Dashboard including the status of all managed queues, and queue management capabilities which includes resubmitting failed messages
  • Proactive Notifications, e.g. when a message queue is 80% of capacity
  • Central Configuration Management
  • Detailed Queue Information
  • Topology View of active VMs
  • Error Message Management:
    • Central logging to Operational Data Store of all distributed VMs
    • Surfacing of logs in Console
    • Configurable Email based alerts for different classes of Errors and Warnings