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Oban provides a solution for the reliable and secure transport of messages of any type.

AS4 Light Client


Supports the AS4 Light Profile which suits deployment to a remote Client of the AS4 Message Hub. This facilitates file transfer between the Client and the Message Hub, wrapped in the full security of AS4 Messaging.


Referred to as the 'Oban Key', potential deployments include any business partner desiring a secure, lightweight and straightforward pathway into the Message Hub.  Although lightweight, the 'Oban Key' provides a two way push/pull reliable transfer of AS4 wrapped messages, for example:

  • Employers - SuperStream Contributions linked directly to Fund (i.e. no External Gateway required)
  • Employers - sending Single Touch Payroll messages to ATO
  • Fund - sending MAAS/MATS messages to ATO
  • Fund - sending KiwiSaver Transfer messages between Funds

The 'Oban Key' has been successfully ported to iOS and Android Smartphones.  This enables smartphone users to securely and reliably send messages and documents to any community participant, either on a P2B (e.g. to their Fund) or a P2P (e.g. another member) basis.

There is also a plugin for Outlook which provides a familiar UI under which to access the 'Oban Key'.