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Oban provides a solution for the reliable and secure transport of messages of any type.

Message Hub


Message Hubs are available for all industries and brings together everything required for any business to go online with global e-commerce.  Finally, global e-commerce is available to smaller businesses at an affordable price.


The Message Hub and an on-premises 'Oban Key' together provides a secure mode of exchanging Business-to-Business messages between parties linked to the Hub.  As a subscriber, businesses are able to establish a secure connection to another Business or Government entity, generate and submit a Message utilising any standard, and have it delivered to the other entity.  Once registered, the trading parties can interchange messages reliably, securely and timely.  Therefore, registered parties can interchange messages as required, and Oban will take care of the heavy lifting.  It is important to note that Oban takes on the role as postman and does not centrally store any copies of the messages.



  • The 'Oban Key' provides simple automated on-premises operations to collect and secure the Message Payload at the Sending Party
  • The Message Payload is then automatically forwarded to the Message Hub
  • The Message Hub looks at the accompanying Message Header and routes the Payload through to the Receiving Party, verifying the Contents and issuing appropriate Receipts to Sender
  • The Receiving Party 'Oban Key' automatically collects and verifies the Message, notifying the Sender of successful Receipt
  • Any emergent response is collected and routed back to the original Sender, either confirming or rejecting the Processing Request


Alternatively, the Message Hub can route the message to an Oban AS2/AS4 Gateway rather than another 'Oban Key'.  For example, an employer Single Touch Payroll message could be routed to the SBR2 Gateway for passing onto the ATO.