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Superannuation CRM


An out-of-the-box CRM solution for Superannuation that is standards-based and near real-time.


A key focus of Australian superannuation is to provide timely and accurate information to Members and Employers.  Traditionally, this process has involved the use of multiple disparate systems that require highly-skilled operators to collect and interpret the data and then format it in a way that is useful to the recipient (usually the Member or Employer). 


The Problem

Significant problems with the current approach revolve around the time to complete, and reconciliation of information from these disparate systems.  For example, a Member’s account held on the Registry System may not include contributions inflight as they traverse the Banking and SuperStream networks, whereas their Employer’s payroll will show the contribution as being paid.  Typically, as superannuation has become more complex, with more specialist systems and more networks requiring integration, more 3rd-party service providers have come into play, exacerbating the problem.   


Traditional CRM projects commence with a blank-sheet-of-paper approach that are run by expensive IT consultants who build highly customer-specific applications onto a generalised platform such as Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce.  As there are no formal standards for Superannuation CRM (SCRM), the consultants are at liberty to create unique applications on a customer-by-customer basis.  Equally, an open-ended approach is taken to interfacing these one-off custom CRM solutions with other systems that form part of the superannuation ecosystem, but usually only include irregular data-feeds from the Registry.  This means, problems such as “contributions in-flight” remain and may in fact be worse as an extra step in the process has been introduced … the feed from the Registry to the CRM.


The Solution

Oban believes these CRM issues, and other shortcomings of superannuation processing can be addressed by its holistic real-time, standards-based approach.  By leveraging the SBR2 Gateway, MAAS/MATS messages can be routed to the CRM Platform.  This means the CRM is as up-to-date as the frequency in which the Funds send these messages to the ATO.


Oban’s SCRM and related Products will play a significant role in contributing to an overall landscape of new technology and new processes, that in the long-term will materially improve the benefits of superannuation for Members and in the short-term will allow Funds to better understand and communicate with their Members.


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