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  • SuperStream Payments

    Leverage NPP and Digital Currency for a real-time payment experience.
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  • SuperStream Gateway

    A comprehensive, certified and accredited Fund Gateway solution
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  • SBR2 Reporting

    The easiest way to be ATO compliant
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  • Payments Gateway

    Traditional EFT, NPP and Digital Currency payment options
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  • Insurance Gateway

    Based on the global ACORD standard
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  • Direct Connect

    Securely connecting enterprises in real-time
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Our Mission

Oban is committed to securely connecting enterprises in real-time to the digital economy by utilising our underlying secure messaging platform.  


Oban's customers and partners includes superannuation funds, insurance companies, payroll providers, software companies, and businesses that require the secure transmission of data.


Oban is the only Australian company that has been Drummond certified for the OASIS AS4 conformance profile.  Importantly, Oban owns and controls the complete technology stack that underpins its enterprise connectors, secure messaging, and gateway products.

SuperStream Payments
A new paradigm for superannuation, where payments and data travel together and contributions are reconciled before reaching the Registry.
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SuperStream Gateway
A SuperStream compliant Gateway which is targeted specifically at the Fund or 3rd-Party Administrator, delivering a secure AS4 pipeline to the Registry.
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SBR2 Gateway
Supports the special version of ebMS3 required by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to facilitate a secure connection between Business Entities and the ATO.
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Payments Gateway
Accommodates traditional EFT, NPP and Digital Currency payment options via a simple API call.
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Insurance Gateway
Based on the global ACORD standard, it bridges the gap between the insurance and superannuation industries.
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Direct Connect
Direct Connect allows enterprises to connect to key customers and suppliers in real-time.
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