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Oban provides a solution for the reliable and secure transport of messages of any type.

Direct Connect


Oban's Direct Connect allows enterprises to connect to key customers and suppliers in real-time using the same reliable, scalable and secure technology as Oban’s gateways.  This opens up exciting possibilities for the real-time secure exchange of information between disparate systems across a wide range of enterprises or customers.

Examples include the exchange of information between superannuation funds and investment managers or insurers, between payroll systems and superannuation fund CRM systems, or even sending member communications securely to mobile devices. 


Oban's Direct Connect secure messaging is a generic use case of the Message Hub concept.  It can be utilised for both a P2P arrangement whereby unstructured data is sent between two parties, or a System-to-System (S2S) solution for validation and structured data transfer.


In days gone by we could be reasonably sure that our mail had not been tampered with, or read and shared by others.  Unfortunately, for all of the good things that come with electronic messaging, we have lost privacy and security.  Virtually every SMS, MMS, email and other forms of electronic communication are bounced around the world where they can be, and are, read and used by others for their benefit.  


Oban's messaging securely transmits information directly from one party to another, ensuring the information in transit is not tampered with and advises when the intended recipient has received the information.  


There are numerous ways in which information can be injected into the Oban Message Hub, namely:

  • Smartphones (P2P)
  • Microsoft Outlook plugin (P2P)
  • Programmatically via API calls (S2S)
  • Programmatically via folders (S2S)


Importantly, even thou the message is encrypted, it is not stored by the Oban Message Hub, only the metadata is.  This adds another layer of security for the message.