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SBR2 Gateway


Oban's SBR2 Gateway supports the special version of ebMS3 required by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to facilitate a secure connection between Business Entities and the ATO.


SBR (Standard Business Reporting) helps businesses reduce the time spent collating information, filling in forms and submitting reports to government.


To facilitate access to the gateway the following is provided:

  • A library of RESTful web services for integration with your own web pages
  • A push/pull command line implementation directly connected to the ATO
  • An AS4 light client deployed on your premises for the secure transport of messages


Supported services include:

  • Fund Validation Service (FVS)
  • SuperTICK3 (STIC)
  • SuperMatch2 (SMAT)
  • Member Account Attributes Service (MAAS)
  • Member Account Transaction Service (MATS)
  • Payroll Event (PAYEVNT)


Oban offers the SBR2 Gateway as a service, however it can be deployed to an organisation to be hosted on-premises.