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Oban provides a solution for the reliable and secure transport of messages of any type.

Our Technology


Oban has built an event-driven Secure Messaging Platform.  The backbone of this framework is an Enterprise Service Bus that brings together a series of enterprise components that can be applied to any industry.


The platform is cloud-hosted with secure pipelines into various on-premises systems with data being transformed to the required external system formats via dedicated Adapters.  It provides reliable and secure interoperability between disparate systems.  Additionally, metadata of each transaction is stored in an encrypted database which is surfaced by the Management Console for analytic and dashboard purposes.

Operating Models

Oban offers three platform operating models, namely:

  • On-premises, utilising your organisation's IT infrastructure
  • Hybrid cloud, utilising an AWS cloud-hosted environment with a secure channel into third-party on-premises Registry Systems
  • Full cloud, with all Platform components cloud-hosted including Oban's event-driven Registry System

Cloud Hosting

Oban offers its Platform as a fully managed service utilising Amazon Web Services (AWS).  AWS provides a secure and high availability (12 nines uptime) offering that includes Disaster Recovery capability.  Elastic scalability is supported, meaning new servers are spun up automatically as demand increases thus ensuring maximum throughput, and removed during quieter periods.

Furthermore, since the data centres are in Sydney there are no data sovereignty issues.