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Oban provides a solution for the reliable and secure transport of messages of any type.

Message Handler


The Message Handler is responsible for collecting, transporting and managing packages of data (messages).  It sits on top of an Enterprise Service Bus that provides asynchronous queuing of the inbound and outbound messages.


The Message Handler can handle a variety of messaging protocols, including:

  • AS4 messaging (associated with the Australian Government’s SuperStream initiative)
  • AS2 messaging (an earlier protocol used across many industries, including banking)
  • sFTP (secure File Transport Protocol)
  • Smartform data packets (packaged response data from an interactive form)


It is responsible for persisting messaging data to the Operational Data Store to be surfaced in real-time dashboards, and for audit and business intelligence purposes.


The Message Handler functionality includes intelligent routing at the HTTP layer:

  • Message Header Attribute based routing:
    • Size of Message
    • URL or qualified Destination based routing
  • Function Specific based routing:
    • Class of Message (e.g. ATO Rollovers & Contributions, ACORD, ISO 20022)
  • Business Specific Attribute based routing:
    • ebMS Header Fields e.g. Party To / Party From
    • Part Properties specific to Payload Document