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Oban provides a solution for the reliable and secure transport of messages of any type.

SuperStream Gateway


Oban has developed a SuperStream compliant Fund Gateway.  It is targeted specifically at the Fund or 3rd-Party Administrator, providing a secure AS4 pipeline through to the back-office Registry.  Importantly, it addresses the 'last mile' problem by providing AS4 connectivity to the Fund endpoint.


The SuperStream Gateway addresses more than just the ATO's SuperStream messaging standards by providing a complete message lifecycle solution, specifically:

  • Fundamental Gateway Operation - Sending/receiving of Rollover and Contribution messages using the AS4 Transport Protocol
  • Internal Message Handling - Unpacking and routing of messages through to the appropriate internal message queues using Oban's Message Handler

  • Registry Integration – Transforming the messages into a format that back-office Registry Systems understand using purpose built custom Adapters


Message throughput has been reliably measured to 1 million contribution transactions per hour under a controlled testing environment with sustained loads for up to 6 hours runtime using a cluster of three VMs.  Note:

  • Above measurements could be further increased by adding additional nodes to the cluster
  • Multi-threading technology further enhances performance by addressing all CPUs of the VMs
  • Rules-based routing of messages (e.g. large messages routed to a single node so smaller messages are not blocked; smaller messages shared across the remaining nodes in the cluster)