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Member Onboarding


A streamlined Member Onboarding process is an important component for the running of an efficient superannuation ecosystem.  It is imperative that time consuming steps are automated, and errors are resolved before the Registry receives the Members' data.  This will become of even greater importance with the introduction of Payday Super, as transaction volumes will increase dramatically.


Acknowledging that Payroll is the entry point to Employee/Member onboarding, the following steps will ensure a seamless experience for the employee: 

  • Employer sends an email to new Employee with a link to their payroll provider
  • Employee completes online employment detail form(s) (e.g. name, date of birth, address, contact details, bank account) 
  • Employee is presented with a form detailing their current stapled Fund (if any) 
  • Employee is given the option to change to a different Fund 
  • If the Employee has nominated to change Funds, they can indicate if they wish to rollover to this Fund 


Note that the majority of the onboarding process is performed by one of our strategic partners.  Oban's responsibilities revolve around the use of our SBR2 and SuperStream gateways to facilitate this process.  In particular:

  • Sending a TFN Declaration request to the ATO via the SBR2 gateway 
  • Receiving a real-time response from the ATO 
    • if the TFN is invalid, an error response is returned
    • if the TFN is valid, the Employer/Employee relationship will be set up
  • A successful response from the previous step will allow the Stapled Fund API to be called and return the Member's Stapled Fund details (if any) 
  • If the Employee belongs to no Fund, or decides to change Funds, an MRR message will be sent to their new Fund via the SuperStream gateway