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Oban provides a solution for the reliable and secure transport of messages of any type.



Oban has developed a fully functional Clearinghouse capability for SuperStream payments directed at Funds and 3rd-Party Administrators.


Oban’s Clearinghouse leverages the Oban Banking Gateway for Employer SuperStream payments.  It utilises both the AS2 pipeline for ISO 20022 banking messages (i.e. EFT transactions), as well as a NPP API that makes the Clearinghouse a real-time payment proposition.  E.g. New Payment Platform (NPP) payments coming from Employers will be matched against SuperStream messages, with outgoing payments made to the default/choice Funds in real-time, again using NPP.


Oban’s Clearinghouse CRM App also provides read-only access to data captured from both the Banking and SuperStream Gateways.  In particular:

  • Default/choice Fund information
  • Employers that use the Clearinghouse
  • Default/choice Members associated with the Clearinghouse Employers
  • Receipts from Employers paid to the Clearinghouse
  • Payments made by the Clearinghouse to default/choice Funds


For the situation where data and money can’t be matched, the CRM’s task management facility will be invoked to allow for the correction of errors.


Additionally, the Clearinghouse provides a series of reports and charts and is supported by Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards for a holistic view of the data.


clearing house diagram