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API Library


In addition to the asynchronous secure messaging platform that underpins the Automation Gateways, Oban also provides a synchronous solution utilising RESTful APIs for integration to our own and external third party applications.  


Oban's Open API Library, being bi-directional, covers all aspects of Registry and Non-Registry functionality, from processing investment switches through to displaying SuperStream messages.   For ease of use, Registry functionality has been grouped according to the following:

  • Display Data (e.g. Member Transactions, Member Events)
  • Calculate Results (e.g. Account Balance, Projections)
  • Process Data (e.g. Investment Switch, Rollover Out)
  • Alter Data (e.g. Change Address, Bank Details)
  • Workflow Steps - Process/Alter Data functions typically involves multiple workflow steps (e.g. Authorisation, Notification)

Oban uses this API Library internally for the following applications:

  • Smartphone App (Smartphone Functionality details the breadth of the API capability)
  • Voice Assistant 
  • Administrator Portal
  • Employer Portal
  • Management Console (non-registry)

The API Library also allows external parties to access the Registry without constraint.  Every Registry function available to Oban is available to external parties.  The following details some of the types of applications that can consume Oban's API Library:

  • CRM Systems (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce)
  • Contact Centre Applications 
  • Business Intelligence Platforms
  • Advisor Portals