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Oban provides a solution for the reliable and secure transport of messages of any type.

Third Party Adapters


Adapters to Third Party Systems exist to interface the Messaging Platform to a variety of bespoke back-office and packaged systems.


For example, Adapters are typically required to interface to:

  • Superannuation registry systems
  • Document management systems
  • CRM systems
  • Investment trading platforms
  • Insurance platforms

They are used to keep data synchronised between the Operational Data Store and the back-office systems.

To accommodate all back-office system implementations, a wide variety of integration strategies are offered, including:

  • File system (files are created in designated folders)
  • Message queues (MSMQ, RabbitMQ, etc)
  • Database (data is written direct to database staging tables)
  • Services  (data is passed via services)
  • API (third party APIs are consumed)