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Oban provides a solution for the reliable and secure transport of messages of any type.

Secure Messaging


Peer-to-Peer communication is a special use case of the Message Hub concept.  It guarantees private messages between parties cannot be 'hijacked' and used against you.


In days gone by we could be reasonably sure that our mail had not been tampered with, or read and shared by others.  And to be certain of delivery, we could even 'register' our mail.  Unfortunately, for all of the good things that come with electronic messaging, we have lost privacy and security.  Virtually every SMS, MMS, email and other forms of electronic communication are bounced around the world where they can be, and are, read and used by others for their benefit.  This open access to our information now ranges from the irritation of spam to the commercial dangers of industrial espionage.

Oban's P2P messaging securely transmits information directly from one party to another, bypassing the multitude of servers that would otherwise capture this information.  It also ensures that the information in transit cannot be tampered with and advise when the intended recipient has received the information.  This information can be as simple as a short text message or as large and complex as a video file.

Additionally, even thou the message is encryped, it is not stored by the Message Hub, only the meta data is.  This adds another layer of security around the message.

Smartphones and a Microsoft Outlook plugin are used to feed information into the Message Hub.