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Document Capture


Whilst it is desirable to encourage data capture via digital means like self-service Member Portals and Smartphone Apps, it remains necessary to offer the traditional paper-based approach to data capture.  Most Funds provide paper forms that can be downloaded from their public websites.  Some even supply interactive PDFs that can be completed online and emailed to the Fund.


Irrespective of whether the form is printed and posted, or emailed to the Fund, there remains the exercise of extracting the information off the form prior to processing the data.


Recognising that paper forms will not be going away anytime soon, Oban has integrated a document capture methodology into its CRM offering.  This addon to Oban’s Super CRM solution works as follows:

  • Document is scanned and processed through an OCR/ICR engine
  • The OCRed data is written to a CRM staging table
  • The scanned PDF document will be stored in a document management system (e.g. SharePoint, Cosmos) with Tax File Numbers redacted
  • A plugin is executed that validates the scanned data which includes a step to identify the Member:
    • If the data is valid, a record is written to the target table
    • If errors are found, a task is created for a user in the Document Management Unit to correct the data


Once valid data is written to the target database table, the associated workflow will be initiated to process the record (e.g. authorisation, process, notification, etc).